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Mouche is a cosmetic and skincare brand founded by Ni Le. Ni has always been passionate about beauty and are dedicated to providing women with safe and effective skincare products.

Mouche takes its inspiration from the French word "Mouche," which means "fly." When the sisters looked at women's faces, they saw that dark spots and blemishes resembled small flies. Thus, they decided to name their brand Mouche, with the hope of helping women remove these "flies" on their skin and become more beautiful.

Mouche is committed to using natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation. All of Mouche's products are manufactured with strict quality control procedures with absolutely no animal testing.

With the motto "Caring for your skin with love," Mouche aims to convey the message of caring for one's skin with love and care. We hope that our products will help women all over the world feel more confident about their appearance and feel more beautiful from the inside out.